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The services of a notary of one’s choice are essential when it comes to buying immovable property. The notary’s role is mainly that of advising the prospective purchaser as to the legal title of the property being purchased. The notary carries out the necessary searches and advises the purchaser accordingly. Finally, the notary publishes the deed of sale and registers it with the Public Registry and the Land Registry.

Our Service & Commitment at James Grech (Notary Malta):

  • Upon first meeting, we inform the prospective buyer/s of the procedure that will be followed during the whole buying process. We also seek to determine particular issues that might be concerning the prospective buyer/s and provide advice accordingly. 
  • This is followed by the signing of promise of sale (konvenju), where we ensure a balanced and fair agreement between buyer/s and seller/s.
  • We then carry out the necessary searches in a diligent and timely manner according to individual exigencies.
  • The final step would the publishing of the final deed of sale, followed by registration of the deed and payment of taxes within the time-limits stipulated by law.
  • During this process, we insist on maintaining continuous contact with the prospective buyer/s and to provide updates on any developments taking place.
  • After the purchase of a property, we advise clients on the importance of drafting a will.

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First-Time Buyers

We understand that first-time buyers tend to find the process most daunting. To put them more at ease, we have compiled an information manual guiding first-time buyers from the very first moment when they start looking for a property until the moment when the actual sale takes place. The manual provides information about the process of getting a bank loan, legal issues involved in buying a property and other issues of particular concern to first-time buyers.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive an electronic copy of this manual.

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