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Government owned garages being put up for sale

Created on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 07:54

Some 2,200 government owned garages are being put up for sale in a new scheme starting next week, Planning Parliamentary Secretary Michael Falzon said today. Addressing a press conference at the Lands Department in Valletta, Dr Falzon said the scheme was aimed at those families who lived in public housing and wanted to leave something behind to their children by purchasing the adjoining garage.

That said, the scheme would also include garages that are nearby or not connected to homes, he added.

The garages will cost around €15,000 if they were built by the government and €10,000 if they were built by the user.

The scheme, announced in the last Budget, will only be applicable to garages being rented or leased and will not include the air space.

Only garages owned by the Lands Department would be included in the scheme.

Dr Falzon said another scheme would also see government owned shops in Valletta being put up for sale by around April.

Source: timesofmalta

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