Notary Public & Commissioner for Oaths


Notary Dr James Grech LL.B, N.P., LL.D studied at Birkirkara Primary School, St. Aloysius College and St. Aloysius College Sixth Form.

He pursued his studies at the University of Malta, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) with European Studies, Diploma of Notary Public (N.P.) and Doctor of Laws (LL.D).

In his initial career, he undertook a traineeship with a private company specialising in EU affairs which was followed by another legal traineeship in the legal and contracts department of an ICT government agency.

Following his graduation as notary public, he undertook notarial practice with a notarial firm in Malta, following which he was conferred with the warrant to practise as Notary Public in Malta and another warrant to practise as Commissioner for Oaths.

He eventually set up his own private notarial practice, operating from an office in the centre of Birkirkara.

He is also actively involved in the organization of various law-related courses and general legal education.

As notary public, his main area of interest is civil law with a special focus on succession law, sale and lease, property law, contract law and family law. 

He is a member of the Notarial College.

He is assisted in his notarial work by a pool of other professionals including lawyers, architects and accountants as well as by law students in the final years of their studies.

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